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Industrial automations

We make modern automation systems for various operating processes.


Machinery / Industrial machinery

We design and manufacture machines according to client requirements.



Advanced electrical drive applications to perform various tasks.


Control Systems Programming

We implement software control schemes for various operating processes.


  • Electrical panel execution

    IAS DESIGN executes electrical drive and control switchboards for your projects. Fill out the form below to receive an offer in the shortest time. For a more realistic price offer, we need: wiring diagrams necessary materials switchboard layout specific client standards, if any A machine component / industrial installations where you can find all major […]

  • Automatic test stands

    The major challenge in this kind of application is finding the types of sensors that provide constant repeatability. Ease of use is another aspect that we always keep in mind when designing such systems. Test stands are used for detection: Benchmark presence Color Benchmark form Dimensions Liquid / gas pressure Liquid / gas flow Level […]

  • Materials handling

    Handling systems are used to transport materials from one location to another for supplying other machines with materials to take over the goods and products from a manufacturing machine. The design of these systems must take into account many factors, including their effectiveness, optimization and machine performance and, of course, your requirements. The systems must […]

  • Electric actuators with drives

    Electric actuators are used today more than ever. The high efficiency that they have led to the replacement of several pneumatic / hydraulic drive systems for specific applications. Our projects include solutions for the following applications: Pumps Fans Motion Control Conveyors Mixers Winding (reel / roller) Unwinding Rotary table (used for automatic assembly stations, automatic […]

  • Consumption Monitoring

    Any program to reduce the energy costs should come equipped with an energy consumption monitoring system. Our systems allow for monitoring consumption of: electricity air steam gas water Solution features: chart history charts with real-time consumptions energy costs calculation reports (html, cvs, xls, pdf) automatic reports sending by email easy-to-use graphical interface increased flexibility (adding […]

  • Assembly stations

    The assembly of certain parts is done on assembly stations of various shapes. Besides the assembly operation, they can check if the assembly process went right. This is achieved by installing sensors on the station to detect components that need to be assembled. The control system is executed on a flexible PLC (e.g. Siemens Simatic […]

  • Water supply backup

    This solution allows for water supply at a constant pressure for a set number of hours depending on the water requirement. This will solve the problem of low pressure in summer or in case of lack of water supply. Benefits: constant pressure operation without water supply for a set number of hours backup system if […]

  • Building Management System

    We use for all our BMS projects equipment from leading manufacturers in this field, namely Wago and Beckhoff. The advantages of these devices are their modularity allowing the expansion of BMS without excessive costs. Over the years they have gained ground compared with traditional BMS solutions due to their reliability. BMS functions The 4 main […]