About Us

IAS Design is a company specialized in the provision of engineering services to industrial manufacturing clients.

  • Project management for completing projects on time
  • Weekly project-related report
  • 24-hour complaint response time

We help you with your automation projects


Among our company areas of activity are found the following:

  • Project Management
  • Industrial Automation
  • Manufacture of Custom Industrial Machinery
  • Machinery Retrofiting
  • Control Panel Building
  • Electrical installation for industrial machines
  • Commisioning, Testing, Traininguri
  • Sourcing & Electrical Equipments Repair
  • Service for our project
  • After Sales – Support

More information about our projects can be found in section Projects.
More information about our solutions can be found in section Solutions.


The best automation solutions in terms of performance, quality, reliability and flexibility.


We are an engineering team that makes complex automation systems for industry.

For us a project is successful when you (the customer) are satisfied.

  • Quality – we do not use materials and equipment we don’t trust
  • Reliability – our systems are designed to withstand time
  • Flexibility – with minimal costs our systems can be upgraded later

Through effective communication with you we will find the best solutions for your problems. All our projects will be treated with the utmost seriousness – in this sense use project management techniques

Company Values

1. Seriousness

We do not promise more than we can offer.

2. Integrity

We tell the truth always. What promise we do.

3. Perseverance

We don’t give up until we get the desired results.

4. Involvement

We do our best for the success of our projects.

5. Collaboration

Looking together for the best solutions to customer problems.

6. Creativity

We find many ways we can solve a problem and choose the best.

7. Responsibility

We focus on people’s safety issues – still in the design stage. We don’t choose a solution that can be harmful to humans or the environment.

8. Quality

We use in our projects materials and equipments of the highest quality.

9. Professionalism

We treat problems with professionalism.

10. Team

Teamwork ensure the success of projects of any complexity.

11. Enthusiasm

We put passion in all our projects.

12. Attitude

We have a proactive attitude.

13. Harmony

We are focused on solutions, not problems and say what we have to say without hurting others.


  • orientare catre siguranta in exploatare
  • management de proiect ireprosabil
  • experienta si profesionalism
  • calitate si flexibilitate
  • parteneriat cu clientii si furnizorii nostrii


2012 – IAS Design was set up – (Industrial Automation Software Design)
2012 – Changes in the pressure testing machines
2012 – Automation of pipe drilling machine 1
2012 – Oil pool heating system
2012 – Service water-cooling pools
2012 – Carousel 1 Control System
2013 – Preparation of assembly machines for the Traceability System
2013 – Service KM1 machine
2013 – Elimination of PAV1 portal
2013 – Backup for the DT S5 IP266 positioning module
2013 – Optimization of manufacturing machine
2013 – Service DT Sander
2013 – Service air pressure test
2013 – Service L5 Grinding machine
2013 – Service Rosenberger sander
2013 – Service KM4-2 carousel
2013 – Automation of pipe drilling machine 2
2013 – Automation of rubber tubes making machine
2013 – SICK optical barrier implementation – Cutting machine
2013 – Change of PL4 welding machine
2013 – Commissioning of paper rolling machine
2013 – Service L4 sander
2014 – Modernization of L5 Stripper
2014 – Cuff turning machine
2014 – Cooling tunnel with ventilation
2014 – Service induction generator
2014 – Carousel 2 Control System
2014 – Gauges final check station
2014 – Service pipe cutting machine
2014 – Service Wheel Grinder machine2
2014 – Final gauges change
2014 – Cooling tunnel with air-blowers