• Electrical panel execution

    IAS DESIGN executes electrical drive and control switchboards for your projects. Fill out the form below to receive an offer […]

  • Electric actuators with drives

    Electric actuators are used today more than ever. The high efficiency that they have led to the replacement of several […]


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Automatic test stands

The major challenge in this kind of application is finding the types of sensors that provide constant repeatability. Ease of […]

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Industrial automations

We make modern automation systems for various operating processes.

The smooth running of the production process depends on the proper functioning of the machines and the industrial plants. To this end, we have developed various service programs for the IAS DESIGN machines and industrial plants, depending on your needs.


Machinery / Industrial machinery

We design and manufacture machines according to client requirements.

Assembly stations, material handling, drilling, cutting, cooling systems, heating systems, washing, cooling towers, bending, automatic testing machines, verification stations, deburring, winding, unwinding, painting, welding.


Electrical Drives & Motion Control

Advanced electrical drive applications to perform various tasks.

Our electrical drive systems can be used in almost any industry where electric motors are used. The solutions provide increased reliability, performance, safety and energy savings that exceed our clients’ expectations.


Control Systems Programming

We implement software control schemes for various operating processes.

monitor programare plc Machine control and industrial plants are made in most cases with the help of PLC. They are designed to withstand the industrial environment (temperature resistance, interference, vibration, shock). They were created to replace logic with releistica (often a PLC can replace thousands of relays).


Professional engineering services for industrial clients

  • Project management for completing projects on time
  • Weekly project-related report
  • 24-hour complaint response time

We help you with your automation projects