Building Management System


We use for all our BMS projects equipment from leading manufacturers in this field, namely Wago and Beckhoff. The advantages of these devices are their modularity allowing the expansion of BMS without excessive costs. Over the years they have gained ground compared with traditional BMS solutions due to their reliability.

BMS functions

The 4 main functions of a BMS system are:

  • control
  • monitoring
  • optimization
  • reporting
  • reduced energy costs

By using a building management system, significant energy cost reductions (minimum 20%) are reached.

Where is the implementation of a BMS indicated?

The implementation of a BMS is indicated for the following buildings:

  • hotels / guesthouses
  • industrial buildings
  • large stores
  • office buildings

BMS tasks

A BMS has the following tasks:

  • lighting control
  • HVAC control
  • access control
  • monitoring parameters temperature / humidity / light
  • monitoring energy consumption
  • detailed reports