Materials handling


Handling systems are used to transport materials from one location to another for supplying other machines with materials to take over the goods and products from a manufacturing machine.

The design of these systems must take into account many factors, including their effectiveness, optimization and machine performance and, of course, your requirements. The systems must be standardized so as to be able to integrate smoothly with other equipment.

Systems operation and parameterization needs to be easily made.

IAS DESIGN handling systems benefits

  • Integration with existing machines / installations without problems
  • Technical post-sale support
  • Flexible and scalable systems
  • Reducing unplanned stand by times
  • Focus on aspects related to safety operation

The range of applications that IAS DESIGN can implement, from the simplest to the most complex:

  • Conveyors
  • Carousel
  • Pater Noster
  • Pick & Place
  • Palletizing